WELCOME to the 25th year of Vermont Witchcamp!

We gather once again under the sun and stars in the hills of Vermont at Farm and Wilderness. We come together for a week of creating community based on honoring the Earth and all creatures— including all of us. 

As the Wheel turns from Lughnasadh towards Mabon, witches will once again meet in the fields, forests, and waters of Vermont...

field cornucopia

2019 Theme: Every day Sacred; Everyday Gifts

Weaving our gifts into the web of community,
we deepen the Sacred in everyday life, connecting with ourselves, each other, and Gaia.

Can everyday tasks be Sacred? Can sharing our Gifts be an act of service? This year's camp theme is about recognizing the day to day moments of Sacred inspiration that enhance our lives with a sense of purpose, gratitude, and reverence. We will reflect on using our Gifts to nourish ourselves, connect to each other, and bring devotion unto Gaia.


gaia sm

 Bring your magical awareness into the everyday acts we do to take responsibility for our impact on the planet... Express your love of the Goddess with head and heart, but also with your hands.

Starhawk, Earth Activism: My Personal Journey, 2008. 

What inspires you and how do you express that inspiration?
Do you inspire others?
What gifts are you grateful for?
What skills would you gift to the community?

Will you bring your gifts to the community in reverence to Gaia? Are you willing to support your fellow seekers on their journey?
Let us tend our divine sparks and share our gifts in service to ourselves, each other, and Gaia.

 fire dash

In an instant, inspiration strikes,
        Sparks rush forth in celestial wonder:
        Ink meets paper. Hand meets drum. Feet meet soil.
        Words act in concert with melody, inspiring soles to dance upon the Earth,
        Healing rhythms beat in time with the heart of Gaia.–Anonymous