Aug 26 – Sep 2

Bees buzz, breezes carry the fragrance of wildflowers and the breath of pines, maples, oaks, urging us to Come. Come to deep lake water, shining under the sun or reflecting moon and star faces in gentle night. Come to meadows and forest, friends and allies, familiar and newly discovered. Come to the 12th Vermont Witch Camp; renewing itself again in the sacred woods of Vermont, re-weaving itself with the threads each of us bring.

This year we honor Bridget. Bridget of the well: healing and compassion. Bridget of the forge: creativity and passion. Bridget of the song: music that is the substance of spirit and the language of longing. We honor Bridget not as a long ago Goddess of another land but as She who is working with us to manifest a vision, life-honoring and filled with love, to carry us back into our lives empowered.

Bridget calls us each one to come discover ourselves as the artists, creators, healers, and heroes we long to be. Come and open to the power and magic of land, body, water, breath, heart and fire. Come to re-discover the power of each act in each day and the wonder of Mystery infusing into mundane. Bridget calls. Her voice is ringing across the green hills.

Listen and Come.