August 23 – 30

The Twelve Wild Swans

In our first camp ever, Starhawk and the Reclaiming Collective will lead our intensive week using the text of the Twelve Wild Swans as the base. The week is designed around the theme of Sacred Drama, Sacred Stories. The theme will be explored every evening as the entire camp gathers for an outdoor ritual.

Each morning of the week is set aside for workshops corresponding to the Elements. Air, the beginning, is for newcomers or those wishing to deepen basic skills of magic and ritual. Fire and Water focus on energy and healing for personal growth and transformation. Earth to empower us to take our vision out into the world, manifesting the interconnectedness of nature, community and ourselves.

Each afternoon leaves time for affinity groups, drumming, dancing, sharing songs and chants, swimming in the lake, hiking through the woods or time alone to reflect.

We build community spirit as we set up camp, get to know each other, and create sacred space. We ask each of you to be responsible for filling this sacred space with love, wisdom, truth, responsibility and understanding.

Be aware of the diversity that is possible within the sacred space we create. This week is open to those whose spiritual tradition, national origin, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, and lifestyles may differ from your own.