VWC 2015

August 22 - 29, 2015

The Compost Pentacle


HARVEST - This is the point when we celebrate the abundance in our world and our lives, separating that which has changed from that which is still unfinished. That which has changed nourishes us, while that which is unfinished must be returned to the work. This point aligns with SEX on the iron pentacle - that ecstatic moment of energetic creative union and LOVE on the pearl - sacred nourishing energy that drives life. HARVEST is equally birth and death, the end of the transformation process that becomes the beginning of a new state of being.

SORTING - This is essentially determining what is the work we want to do, identifying what needs and can be transformed, then determining if the projects are “hot” (aka greens) quick changes or “cool” (aka browns) slow changes. This is corresponding with the iron point of SELF (as all change starts in ourselves first) and the intuitive WISDOM point on the pearl. 

BALANCING - Where the right mix of fast and slow change is discerned. Too much quick change can be overwhelming, but just enough is essential to healthy transformation. Similarly, too much slow change can bog down a process and create stagnation. Just enough slow ongoing work however can provide stability and structure for healthy transformation. BALANCING corresponds to the point of KNOWLEDGE on the pearl pentacle, since it calls for assessment and choice. It resonates with PASSION on the iron pentacle as it tempers the desire for quick revolution with the sustaining drive of long-term cumulative change. 

PATIENCE - This relates to the role of time in any transformative process. It also speaks to the need to trust that forces beyond our immediate control are at work assisting the process. It corresponds with the pearl’s point of LAW in that it reminds us that natural law governs all and that nature is sacred as well as with PRIDE in iron because we have to let go of our ego while also trusting that our efforts are deemed by those beyond us (Goddess, natural systems, other people) as worthy and good. 

TURNING - This is our opportunity  to check in, assess, and adjust what we have put in motion. Here we can shift the focus of our energy if needed - add more quick “hot” projects to get things moving or refocus on the slow ongoing “cool" work to build more stability. This point lines up nicely with POWER on the iron pentacle. The changes we set in motion empower us and we must wield that power responsibly. From this point we return to HARVEST. 

Come explore and co-create the myths and stories of Compost in teaching, play and ritual!