Vermont Witch Camp 2021
Imbolc Blessing and Camp Update

snowy sunsetFirst Light

 Imbolc, at the threshold of February, is the quickening time. The seeds we planted deep are now stirring in their sleep. Do they feel the tremors of the tumult above? Perhaps, but their task is, as always, to rest, nourish, and eventually find a way up and through the supportive darkness — to the light.

This is the time for the magical practice of “shaking the tree” and rousing the earth, cheering on the forces of life as they begin to awaken. In many traditions, libations are poured, fires lit and chants sung, all to remind nature (and ourselves) that light and growth are coming.

This is the time for setting intentions, whispering to the seeds of our potential of all that might be. Brigid visits us, nurturing the embers of inspiration. The green fire deep within the seed sparks to life unseen.

This is the in-between time, a time to let the dance of dark and light do their work to wake the year. We rest, but we also stir, as we look to that first light cresting the edge of the world.

Blessed Be, the 2021 organizing and resource campers.


Camp 2021 Update


Since the beginning of the 2021 organizing cycle last fall, 0rganizing and resource campers have been diligently completing the nuts and bolts of camp. The budget has been reconciled and all the bills have all been paid. Now VWC begins to look ahead to August 2021.

Discussions around the ongoing pandemic and the question of hosting an in-person or virtual camp in August have led to the decision to reach out to the wider VWC community for input. Sometime in the next several weeks the community will be asked to participate in a short survey. The hope is to garner an overall feeling from the community as to what camp may look like this year. With camp more than six months away, there are many unknowns. Nonetheless, VWC is committed to hosting camp for 2021 in the safest way possible.

Blessings, the 2021 organizing and resource campers

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