Vermont Witch Camp 2021
Ostara Blessing and Camp Update

A robin sitting on a branch of a hawthorn tree.

At the Equinox, we teeter on the edge of Spring. Day and night are in balance. The Earth opens to breath. Bird songs and sunshine flood the morning with hope for warmer days. But the weather is still uncertain. Thaws are followed by sudden squalls, followed by burgeoning warmth. Spring is a time of dynamic change. In the world too, desire vies with impatience, excitement with disappointment, revelation with doubt. Past divisions and tensions don’t melt away with the snow.

Uncertainty is also freedom—the freedom to turn our attention to what nourishes us and the Earth. Can we choose to accept the Sun’s invitation to emerge from our dark caves and cross the threshold into spring? Can we embrace the unknown and nurture hope? Let us grow our gardens and our connections, work our magic and tend our soil, and nourish the coming year, whatever it may hold.

-Blessing from the 2021 organizing and resource campers.




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