Vermont Witch Camp 2021
Beltane Blessing  cherry blossoms

Blossom Time 

 It is the blush of a cherry blossom, bird songs in the morning, green leaves unfurled in the sun. It is the glow of bonfires and the laughter of those who dare to leap the flames. May Day, Beltane, is all this and more: the promise of life and growth, the blossoming of desire. From bud to flower the season of light advances and the living world rejoices.

This year we are emerging worn and wary, but also eager for joy. Not all of us can join a happy throng around the Maypole. Yet we will dance the dance somehow, and wave the ribbons as we can. 

If it is not yet time to celebrate unreservedly, it is still time to bless the birds and bees. We look forward to warmth and light, to the promise of the blossom fulfilled. Ribbon by ribbon, thread by thread, each of us in our own way, we weave the tapestry of the season. 

While we wait to be reunited with one another, we can enjoy music and dancing together in the virtual realm. Enjoy.

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