Vermont Witchcamp 2020: 
        Virtual Gathering Announcement 
              and Lughnasad Blessing 

IMG 5630 Vermont Witchcamp 2020:
Virtual Gathering Announcement

Join VWC for a week of virtual events designed to commemorate the week of camp (Aug. 22-29). We will begin with a journey of seasonal blessings sent out during the week and end joyfully, with an All Camp Ritual on Saturday, August 29, 2020 at 8:00 pm, EST.

Zoom Invite to Come - so SAVE THE DATE!

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2020 Lughnasad Blessing 

Lughnasad, even in these uncertain days, is a time of fulfillment. The abundant Earth—producing in the warmth of summer and providing for the needs of winter—evokes our gratitude and devotion. We are challenged to acknowledge and share the bounty life has offered us.

The sun has done its work, heat lies heavy on the land and the wheat is ready in the fields: it is Lammas, Loaf-mass, in the Anglo-Saxon tradition and Lughnasadh in the Celtic calendar. Traditionally this is the “feast of first fruits,” a time of work in the fields, country fairs and overall celebration.

The grain is cut, the bread is blessed and so we begin the year’s long kiss goodbye. Take a moment now to honour your own gifts and plan on how to share them with the community and the world.

- Blessings from the 2020 organizing and resource campers. 

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Blessings and be well, from the 2020 VWC organizing and resource campers.

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