There are a variety of ways to stay connected outside of the VWC experience! NoreastWeb is an email list for those of the extended VWC community. Discussions occur on topics of interest and include local events and offerings. Subscribe by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Follow us on Instagram for updates all through out the Turning of the Wheel of the years at @vermontwitchcamp.

Farm and Wilderness A Quaker-based organization that focuses on adventure in a community of simplicity, honesty and respect while offering summer camps and year-round programs.

Reclaiming A community of people, a tradition of witchcraft, a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SeedChange is home to a vision for deep liberation work and healing for the survival of our species. This space is at Open Way Farm in East Montpelier, Vermont, a growing small scale farm, queer affirming community, and retreat and reflection space for folks working on the front lines of struggles for social change.

Weave and Spin Reclaiming news, blog and information.

Starhawk An author of many works celebrating the Goddess movement and Earth-based, feminist spirituality has a a very active website. Visit Starhawk's website to keep up with her writings, blog, adventures and schedule.

Belili Productions A joint project of author/activist Starhawk and filmmaker Donna Read.

Bower Studio,, founded in 2011, is the collaborative effort of Vincent Frano and Isa Wang. Functional artwork that encourages environmental stewardship, highlighting the diversity of American flora and fauna with educational products that use environmentally friendly materials. Combining Vincent's passion for herbalism, Isa’s interest in design, and both of our artistic backgrounds, we strive to create attractive utilitarian items that exemplify our commitment to quality and beautiful design. 

Luis Mojica is a pianist & vocalist who started developing his unique musical style in the crowded apartments and crumbling theaters of NYC's East Village. In 2012 he moved upstate to the mountains of the Hudson Valley where he's become renowned for his holistic healing work, as well as his musical compositions.  His second album, How a Stranger is Made, is available for download and purchase. 

Nature Divination The art of listening, seeing, feeling, sensing, understanding and opening to the wisdom of the Earth using the Earth Deck of photographs.

Margaret Rossiter Paintings which are the end result of devoting decades to the loving and intimate observation of nature.

Azure Green One of the largest sources of metaphysical, witchcraft, pagan, spell craft and new age supplies.

World Tree Lyceum  Taught by Claudia, Chelidon, and Raven this online Mystery School is now offering all 5 Reclaiming Core Classes.  For more information and current schedule, visit

Chelidon and Raven are founding members of the Heart of the Witch, a Europe-based teaching guild, whose members offer training in a number of magical and earth-centered traditions, including Reclaiming and Feri (website / Facebook)

Chelidon and Claudia were two of the long-term mentors for the New England-based Reclaiming Teachers in Training and Service (RTITS) group, a 10-year peer-led group dedicated to training magical teachers. RTITS is currenly on a hiatus, but the Facebook page is active.