There are a variety of ways to stay connected outside of the VWC experience! NoreastWeb is an email list for those of the extended VWC community. Discussions occur on topics of interest and include local events and offerings. To join the new Weavers, the email list of the Northeast area -    Be sure to confirm from your own email.  You can set preferences, includling digest version.

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Arrow Tarot, Jamie offers tarot readings, reiki and intuitive coaching.  "I help people make their own magic. Everyone has intuition. We can all receive gifts from the universe. No matter what project you’re working on, business you’re launching, home you’re building, or dream you are chasing, your intuition is your number one tool to get what you want.I will help you cultivate tools to reveal your blind spot, deepen your relationships, raise your energy level, and go from surviving to thriving."

Ian Hermes Babylon (he/him) is an artist and gentleman witch of Totaunt and Moswetuset (now Boston and Quincy), whose home is on the lands of the Neponset band of the Indigenous  Massachusetts peoples.  He actively creates historic and mythic inspired surrealist collage. He is an avid wand maker and is known for his several October seasons offering tarot interpretation in Naumkeag (now Salem).

Bower Studio,, founded in 2011, is the collaborative effort of Vincent Frano and Isa Wang. Functional artwork that encourages environmental stewardship, highlighting the diversity of American flora and fauna with educational products that use environmentally friendly materials. Combining Vincent's passion for herbalism, Isa’s interest in design, and both of our artistic backgrounds, we strive to create attractive utilitarian items that exemplify our commitment to quality and beautiful design. 

BrightFlame, (she/they) is an original VWC member and teaches, writes and makes magic in service to a just, regenerating world. She lives on unceded Lenape land. Active and teaching in our worldwide Reclaiming Tradition since 1995, her workshops and Witchcamp teaching help us stay centered and resilient, and widen our energy and effect on the world. She speaks truth through her speculative fiction. Sign up for her newsletter and subscribe to her blog at Follow her on twitter @brtflame.

ByCasendra is long time camper, organizer, costumer designer and ritualist Casey’s shop on Etsy, where she vends her artistic creations inspired by her love of fabric. Beautiful, magical, and whimsical collection of fantasy-inspired clothing, magical accessories, cloaks, hats, art and fabric dolls and often other oddities! Please visit!  ByCasendra

Aurora Raven has been a member of the VWC community for the past 8 years. She has taught a path, rep for WCC and worked on the organizer team. She loves creating ritual and magic with her VWC folks. She works as a music teacher in the Syracuse City Schools. Writing about her religion of Goddess worship, strong female characters and the burning times is her passion. Julie Anne Stratton is her pen name.
Fellow witches and pagans can find her book on Amazon-'The Witches of Riegersburg".
Link to new interview about the book;
Julie Anne Stratton Interview
  Author's page   Purchase it here

Cartier in the Stars Astrology,  Carter offers astrology and more, "Astrology became my primary focus after I experienced profound personal healing from studying my own astrology chart. Today, I am both an astrologer and a spiritual life coach. I believe each person is intrinsically whole, and our life journey is a sacred opportunity to discover our unique connection to the divine and to the World, living out the wonders of our unique journey. My work is to help you discover the archetypal patterns that bring meaning into your experience and shape your individuality.",

Luis Mojica is a pianist & vocalist who started developing his unique musical style in the crowded apartments and crumbling theaters of NYC's East Village. In 2012 he moved upstate to the mountains of the Hudson Valley where he's become renowned for his holistic healing work, as well as his musical compositions.  His third album, Songs from the Land, is available as pre-order vinyl/ritual package now! 

Meredith Muse (Blessed) (she/her/they/them): I am a hedgewitch and a visual artist who creates sacred adornment (masks, costume, tattoo, glamour magick) and sacred environment, transforming the mundane into the magickal. By sensing divine energy wishing to be manifest, I weave objects and intent to allow this emergence. Frequently receiving guidance from Mysterious Ones (dream spirits and nature spirits), I strive to live a magickally informed life and to manifest an ecstatic existence in the world every day! I practice ritual arts, and mindful ceremonial transformation in my daily work, offering sacred tattooing in my Shady Lady studio in Montpelier, Vermont.

Mountainsong Expeditions

 Murphy offers classes in archery, the sacred hunt, survival skills, street medicine, and priestessing skills in Central Vermont.  Their classes are presented within a framework of radical activism and nature connection, with a special emphasis on creating safe learning space for marginalized genders and queer people.  Some classes are open to all and some are only for marginalized genders (women, trans folks, non-binary people, and queer people).  

Check out classes here:

Murphy also offers kits for sewing your own leather archery quiver:

Inquire for custom hand-made wooden woodburned rune sets:

And you can listen to Murphy's "Huntress Podcast"

Nature Divination The art of listening, seeing, feeling, sensing, understanding and opening to the wisdom of the Earth using the Earth Deck of photographs.

Madrone Phoenix (she/they) is a licensed clinician with advanced training in trauma. She works to create a safe space for those wanting to do the deeply challenging and equally rewarding work of transformation and healing. She connects with their queer and multiethnic background. In her spare time, she offers forensic evaluations to asylum seekers with Physicians for Human Rights and plays in her magical home gardens.

Margaret Rossiter Paintings which are the end result of devoting decades to the loving and intimate observation of nature.

Azure Green One of the largest sources of metaphysical, witchcraft, pagan, spell craft and new age supplies.

Reclaiming A community of people, a tradition of witchcraft, a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SeedChange is home to a vision for deep liberation work and healing for the survival of our species. This space is at Open Way Farm in East Montpelier, Vermont, a growing small scale farm, queer affirming community, and retreat and reflection space for folks working on the front lines of struggles for social change.

Shady Lady Tattoo Parlour - Meredith Muse and her artistic ethics and intentionality will help you with your tattoo desires.  "Especially powerful when we bring our sacred intentions to the experience, the tattoo becomes a talisman representing a cherished idea. Celebrating our life journey, and discovering our own personal mythology, we mark our flesh with the images that hold deep meaning for us, that remind us of where we come from and where we are choosing to go now. "  Visit when you can!

Sophia Bonnie Wodin - longtime VWC community member, public ritualist, gardener, wise woman, witch and member of Wild Ginger witchcamp collective, Sophia Bonnie offers counselling, writers groups, meditation, soul journey readings and priestessing.  Her website lists her most current offerings and upcoming events.


 Starhawk An author of many works celebrating the Goddess movement and Earth-based, feminist spirituality has a a very active website. Visit Starhawk's website to keep up with her writings, blog, adventures and schedule.  Ritual Skills with Starhawk


World Tree Lyceum  Taught by Claudia, Chelidon, and Raven this online Mystery School is now offering all 5 Reclaiming Core Classes.  For more information and current schedule, visit

Chelidon and Raven are founding members of the Heart of the Witch, a Europe-based teaching guild, whose members offer training in a number of magical and earth-centered traditions, including Reclaiming and Feri (website / Facebook)

Chelidon and Claudia were two of the long-term mentors for the New England-based Reclaiming Teachers in Training and Service (RTITS) group, a 10-year peer-led group dedicated to training magical teachers. RTITS is currenly on a hiatus, but the Facebook page is active.

 Weave and Spin Reclaiming news, blog and information.