BIRCH – the Broader Intra-Reclaiming Council Hub

BIRCH’s Intention

To serve all parts of the evolving Reclaiming communities by nourishing our webs of connection, past, present and future, through passionate, generous, magical reflection, service and action.

BIRCH’s Purpose

To act as an empowered, accountable and transparent body that will:

  1. Facilitate communication, resources sharing and skill building
  2. Affirm our identity and honour our history and lore
  3. Support and strengthen our diverse communities, individuals, networks, and guilds
  4. Enhance the visibility of Reclaiming in the world

The Broader Intra-Reclaiming Council Hub, also known as BIRCH was formed in 2004 to help make tradition-wide decisions for our broader international Reclaiming communities. BIRCH is an evolving body, and we are implementing new online structures for upcoming BIRCH meetings.

Anyone in the Reclaiming community may attend as a participant; representatives of Reclaiming communities of 5 or more are empowered to reach consensus about proposals.

The BIRCH Committee replaces BADhub for BIRCH administration in 2019. The Committee is empowered to convene BIRCH meetings and plan agendas. The BIRCH Committee of 5-7 people will include BIPOC (2), Trans (2), Non-US (2), and Elder (1) from distinct communities. Terms of service may be 2-3 years with rotation to include some continuity. New members of this committee will be selected at the annual BIRCH meeting. The BIRCH Committee will be financially compensated for this work.

See BIRCH Guidelines here.


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 Got questions?  Contact your BIRCH representative, BrightFlame, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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