Re-Weaving the Fabric Of Community Through Ritual

Our world has changed a lot in the past 3 years. Every one of us has had our lives impacted and transformed in some way. One of the biggest gaps left by social isolation in a global pandemic is the fragmenting of connected communities. Ritual is a fantastic way to strengthen community bonds and bring people together, whether online or in person. That's why I created the Ritual Skills Course last year, and have decided to offer it again this year- to share my decades of ritual facilitation experience with all of you who care about the future of our planet in service to deepening personal and community connections through ritual. Ritual is a powerful tool to bring shape and structure into our lives; an intentionally crafted sequence of actions designed to awaken powerful emotional and psychological forces. We can use it to mark important changes—seasonal, personal, or communal, and to navigate more confidently through challenging times. It is a unique tool for personal and collective change, and for healing deep wounds and transforming our minds, our hearts, and our world.I invite you to step into this ritual circle with me this year, and learn to priestess with presence, facilitate compelling in-person and digital rituals, and design for both personal and collective ritual needs.

In Our 6-Session Course You'll Gain:

  • A deep understanding of the structure and psychology of ritual archetypes so you can create personal and collective ceremonies to inspire deep change and healing for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Confidence in your ability to sense what is needed for a particular moment, and exercise being fully present in ritual space and time.
  • Refined skills in priestessing/facilitating both personal and collective ceremonies designed for both the needs of a group and of your own deep connection to spirit.

The Ritual Skills course content is revised significantly for 2023, so even if you took the course with us last year you can take it again and get new insight this year. We sold out very quickly last year, and while we have expanded our capacity for 2023, we still have limited space available to keep our community from becoming so large it feels impersonal. We are sending this email out to our past Ritual Skills & Magical Activism participants first before we offer it to my broader audience, so if you're interested in joining me please register soon!Details:

  • This is a 6-session live digital course, taught on Zoom meetings (with breakout groups, hooray!).
  • We'll study together from March-June 2023
  • We begin on Equinox- this Monday, March 20th and will culminate our work together on June 2nd with a co-created ritual. 
  • ASL Interpretation and closed captions will be provided for all live sessions
  • We will record all sessions as usual, and make them available within 48 hours
  • Registration is available on a pay what you can sliding scale, ranging from $7-$200 for the whole course. 
  • We have carefully selected days and times for the live sessions to tap into the energies of the full and new moons, and allow people in both North American and global time zones to participate.

I look forward to circling with you again this year! 

Learn More & Register for the 2023 Ritual Skills Course