Listen to the words of the Bright God – Apollo, Lugh, Balder, Horus:

I am he who makes the sap to rise and the vine to climb, the fruit to swell and to burst, the blood to rise in woman and in man, and their bodies to put forth milk and honey. I am the sun shining and the rain falling. I am Life. 
I enter in wherever I please and at my approach all hearts are made glad.

But hear the words of the Dark Lord – Hades, Dis, Arawn, Osiris. And listen to the words of the Dying God – Adonis, Dionysus, Christ. Listen to the words of the Secret God, who spreads his wings within you:

I am the guide to darkness and the father of your initiation. I have gone before you into death and I will lead you through to its end.

I have died for you. I have died with you. And now I stand, Lord of the Dead, ready to receive you, ready to let you go.

Come to me when you are ready, and know the mystery: I am nothing more than your own unconquered soul, nothing less than Lord of the Universe, Master of Life and Death.

As written by Archer.