2018 VWC First Mailing pg1 The Charge of the Witch Tree

Written for Vermont Witch Camp, 2018

by Victoria Pearson

Please use freely, with attribution


Listen to the words of the Witch Tree, who of old was called world holder, white birch, quercus albas, white oak, life maker, sambuca negra, elder, sugar maple, rooted ones, spruce, hawthorn, cretagis, cherry, striped maple, ancestors, and many other names lost and unknown to us.

Whenever you have need of anything, you witches born in this time, bring your woes and harms to this place, assemble in my presence away from the concrete world, and adore the spirit of life that holds sovereign and sacred all beings. Open to the wisdom of the Witch Tree.

You will learn to be free in this working, and break the bonds of enslavement that shackle all beings-- bonds of domination, smallness, fear. You will be naked in this freedom, and know this as power, and purpose, the rites of the Witch Tree.

Sing, feast, dance, make music and love, at the feet of the trees, let their twining roots be roadmaps to your joining. The ecstacy you seek is among my branches, the joy of life is in the journey.

For this law is love into all beings-- that through this love, the passing of life is lost in an unbroken chain of beings who dedicate themselves at the foot of the tree.

There is no blood sacrifice here, for look-- the Witch Tree pours out love, breath, food, fuel, shade, light, heat, home for all beings.

The trees are calling, do you hear? They call upon your soul to arise! Arise and come!

Bring all of yourself, and nothing else. The Witch Tree teaches with blood and bone, sap and heartwood, mycelium and stoma. The mystery unfolding is the seed within, and the seed without. What will grow is what must be. Come to the portal, welcome to the magic of the Witch Tree


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Vermont Witchcamp 2018: An Elemental Tree of Life