Aug 25 – Sep 1
The Musicians of Bremen & The Shambala Prophecy

Blue sky. Sparkling waters. Deep forest. Open meadows. Radiant sunlight. Fields of ferns and nearby bogs. Brilliant stars and the Milky Way. All this and much more awaits you at Vermont Witch Camp. We gather for our 12th year as a new community yet again. We are all teachers, and we are all students, we are all priestesses and we are all priests. Please bring your most sacred self and come prepared to share your own truths and wisdom with others.

VWC has chosen two stories from two very different traditions to frame our week of magic together. The Bremen Town Musicians comes out of a rural northern European setting. It’s a deceptively simple tale told by farm animals who choose to seek out new lives when their old ones are threatened. They must confront not only their own fears and  hesitations, but also robbers who have stolen society’s treasures and are holed up in secret in the forest.

The Shambala Prophecy is an 8th century Buddhist legend that tells of a time when all sentient life hangs by a thread, threatened by great warring powers. When all seems lost the kingdom of Shambala emerges: the kingdom that exists in the hearts and minds of the Shambala warriors, those who choose to struggle for a new way of living, a new understanding of the gifts needed to heal a damaged world.

We have all faced personal challenges in our lives, times when we needed to take a new path, discover a new way of moving through challenges. Now in our hearts we feel our world is facing something similar. We are surrounded by warring powers, a warming atmosphere, and the knowledge that many beloved peoples, places and animals are seriously threatened. How will we face these challenges, both individually and as a community?

Come join us around the campfire this summer as we explore the challenges of making magic and music together. We will weave these stories into a rich, complex tapestry that mirrors, supports and offers new perspective for our individual and planetary shifts.