Aug 23 – 30
The Elemental Journey

Join 125 people of all ages for a week creating magical community in the hills of Vermont. We work together in the Reclaiming tradition of witchcraft, rooted in the magic and religion of the sacred mysteries, manifesting a union of spirit and political activism. Throughout the week we will learn and enrich magical skills through a daily path experience, affinity groups and optional workshops, joining together in community and in ritual.

Our camp theme is the Elemental Journey. Come closer to the earth, to the craft, to ourselves and to each other, to our dreams and our visions, to the sacred elements, to the Goddess.

We share this time in opening, stretching, empowering and transforming our community, the world and ourselves. This is a magical intensive, offering an opportunity to deepen personal connection to the sacred in all the realms. VWC is all ages!

Reclaiming’s core values are caring for the environment, permaculture, self-determination for all human beings, embracing diversity, supporting the values of peace, community and family, and participating in efforts to support social justice. We agree to abide by the Reclaiming Principles of Unity and the Wiccan Rede.