Aug 27 – Sep 3
Through the Looking Glass & Down the Rabbit Hole

Blue sky. Sparkling waters. Deep forest. Open meadows. Radiant sunlight. Fields of ferns and nearby bogs. Brilliant stars and the Milky Way. All this and much more awaits you at Vermont Witch Camp. We gather for our 11th year as a new community yet again. We are all teachers, and we are all students, we are all priestesses and we are all priests. Please bring your most sacred self and come prepared to share your own truths and wisdom with others.

We take hands and enter Wonderland, through the looking glass. Once upon a time there was a curious little girl who made her way across the chessboard of the world to become Alice, the queen. Gaze in the mirror closer and closer yet again and find yourself inside the glass looking out. Or if you’d rather, leap down the rabbit hole, no ordinary one this, but a dark tunnel passage to the mysteries of Earth.

And then follow – if you can, if you dare. The world’s gone topsy-turvy and everything we think is true in one moment, changes in the next! For it’s mad, mad, mad here. And so are we! Because it’s just insane to believe that we can predict anything, anything at all! We’re too small one minute, too big the next and people have the most curious way of coming and going! As we make our way through, friends and alliances are to be found in the oddest places. We can choose to become powers in the world, to share with those who come before and after.

Come to camp, and come for tea – bring your hat and a lively sense of humor! For once we learn to navigate the uncertain terrain of Wonderland, we’ll always be at home in the uncertain terrain of our lives.