Vermont Witchcamp 2024

Paths and Teachers Announcement


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Dear Vermont WitchCamp Community;

We are excited to announce the following Paths and Teachers for:



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Rekindling Community as, from the Ashes, the Pheonix Rises,
Through Music, Song and Story

with Taica Patience and Leigh Seeleman

Once upon a time, very long ago, right now, the people rekindled their long-missed and beloved community, which had laid these five years, a small ember in the ashes. Come around the hearth fires. May we rise again as the Phoenix. We allow our connection to Earth, Spirit, and each other to flow through us as we play, listen, and create. Joining together to express our souls and rebirth ourselves from the ashes, with music, song, and story, we will strengthen the threads, rekindling our beloved community. 
Since the days of old, music has brought people together in sacred circles of joy, grieving, magic-making, and celebration. Sacred music is for every one of us, from complete beginners to seasoned musicians - there are no wrong notes, harmony is anything your neighbor isn’t singing. Our focus will be soul expression and the allowing of spirit to express in song and story through us, to bless and be blessed. This will be a healing space for all including those with past musical wounds. We invite you to join us with your voices and instruments!
And what is story? Explore with us how story shapes our lives.  *We will be referring often to the book Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer. If you can read it before you come and bring it, do so.

Pixie Path

with Rosemary and Mackenzie

Each day I will lead the children on an exploration of our themes of the Myth of the Phoenix and Being in Community through story, song, and creativity.  I use stories as the foundations for diverse, creative experiences that engage the children in embodied learning. I see Pixie Path as an opportunity to bring the Elements of Magic to a developmentally appropriate level for young children to begin to grasp concepts and foundations of how we practice the Craft.  My hope is that this helps them to feel a more integral part of our community and practice as they grow. I look forward to the opportunity to bring Pixies into community rituals with creativity and joy.  We might sing, perform a skit, tell a story, share visual art, prepare food…Our participation will be inspired by what is happening both within our Path and within the greater camp community.
Rites of Passage: Waking the Dream Body, the Rise of the Phoenix

with Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney and Glimmer or Zay

In this path, we will make a bridge between one’s inner life and the current events in society. We will draw from Arnold Mindell’s book, Sitting in the Fire, Large Group Transformation using Conflict and Diversity. and the ways it is pertinent and powerful in relation to the Phoenix theme.I imagine an Arc that includes “Waking up the Dream Body” with movement, song, and creative writing exercises. We’ll engage in Breathwork, reframing life challenges and conflicts. We’ll work with the shamanic phrase, “Fire in the Head”. We’ll Aspect the Phoenix. We’ll utilize Tantric aspects of raising energy and directing it, the science and art of Raising a Cone of Energy, using voice, rhythm, and intention. 
I strongly feel this work is restorative on a soul level. It can deeply connect ourselves more deeply to ourselves and each other. It seems that there is an even higher level of despair at this time. I think that it is important to recognize this and yet not be stuck there. I see our tradition as in a lineage of ecstatic practices that help us maintain our essential humanity and as I like to say, “Crucial to our Utopia”.

 More will be revealed as the magic unfolds


I had a quasi-nomadic upbringing with a mostly single mother, peppered with difficulty and dusted with magic. My life has been colored by the lens of living in the liminal spaces between race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, physical ability, neuro variance, and culture. I have lived a life of using experiences, boldly cracking them open like an egg, to seek the gold hidden within as nourishment for healing and growth on the journey of a modern-day mystic. I have been a Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Ordained New Thought Minister, and Artist. In them all, my deep intent is to call in growth, healing, connection, and ultimately Joy. I live a joyful yet rooted life of deep meaning in nature; pulling back the layers to reveal the utter beauty and real magic of being alive.
I am devoted to mystery, the wild beings of this beautiful earth, liberation, and social & environmental justice.  My magical focus includes dream magic, plant magic, thresholds & guiding, divination, trance journeying & nature as a mirror to the soul.  My path has been guided primarily by direct experience in the wild and open-hearted conversation with the land.
Zay Eleanor Watersong (she/they):
Zay is a Reclaiming witch deeply rooted in the wilds and waters of the Northeast. They love the magic of green and growing things and of people lending their energies together to create change in the world, from activism to radical magic. They have been facilitating Reclaiming Tradition rituals since 2003 and teaching the core courses since 2006, and practicing that magic to support their work in the muggle world in their intentional community and career as a water, indigenous rights, and green energy community organizer. Zay is delighted to be coming home to the spirits of place at VWC to rekindle this magic and share and practice the core skills of the tradition. She believes Reclaiming’s strength as a tradition is in the deep embodied and ecstatic magic we create together.
Glimmer (she/her/they):
Glimmer’s home camp is Winter Witchcamp. Her ancestors came to Minnesota a little over 100 years ago, hopeful settlers, on a ship. And, also, her ancestors came from Africa, on ships filled with pain, suffering and horrible grief. Glimmer’s magic is rooted in connection to both of these branches of ancestry. She honors everyday the survival, hope, and resilience of these ancestors.  Along with connection to ancestors, Glimmer’s magic flows from connections to the natural world, her sacred body, erotic aliveness, and the elements of life. As a child, she first became acquainted with the unseen world and her connection to plant and animal allies. Glimmer works with energy and flow, in ecstatic ritual and in collaboration with others. She loves to play and is a student of Yang style Tai Chi Ch’uan and energy healing. Having attended her first Reclaiming Witchcamp in 2007, she has been organizing, teaching and attending witchcamp ever since. 

Land Acknowledgement: I live in a place where glaciers receded 13,000 years ago, when people whose names I do not know first began to call this land home. I feel the spirit of those glaciers everywhere on this land, and the people too if I listen and pay attention, especially when I am close to the waters of this place. In recent history, as of 1000 years ago, we know that the Dakota people lived here, and then the Anishinaabe people moved here around 300 years ago after their original homelands were taken over by white settlers.  

Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney:
Alphonsus has been a Witch camp teacher for 30 years. From the very first day, (of Vermont's first camp) he felt a deep connection to the land and the community of Vermont, and is excited to return after many years absence. He has also taught in Australia (Cloud Catcher),  Spiral Heart, Missouri, and California Witch camps, as well as Canada. In his home community of San Francisco/Bay Area, he teaches ritual drum and voice and sound healing. He says, “This is a powerful time and we need a creative approach to story and meaning as we weave together many strands of perspective into a viable expression of magical community. Shenanigans will ensue.”
Rosemary has been living as both a witch and an early educator for four decades.  Her teaching is infused with the magic of story and the cycles of life, and inspires creativity and discovery of the natural world and its mysteries.  Rosemary is blessed to live in a small, wonderful community in southwestern Vermont surrounded by gardens of wild and cultivated edibles, medicinals, and florals. 

VWC is an experience and a community that I have been passionate about for nearly 3 decades, and has been an integral part of the development of how I view the world and envision community. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help welcome us back to the land where we have done Magic together for so many years by welcoming the young children who will be new to our community, infusing our work with their joy, creativity, and playfulness.