Mission : To use available funds to assist as many campers as possible who wish to attend camp but are unable to without financial help. Financial aid is one method by which organizing campers address accessibility at VWC. 

Who administers the program and decides how to allocate the aid? The Financial Aid Work group is composed of 2 independent members of the 2024 Camp Planning team. Financial aid may be combined with work exchange positions, with expectation that campers receiving aid will pay their share of host fees ($285). In some circumstances, amounts awarded may exceed that. 

How is the total amount of Financial aid available for 2024 camp determined? Funds available are based on money raised in the previous year through raffle, donations and vending tithe. The total budget for financial aid is approved by the VWC Finance work group with review and consensus from the entire 2024 VWC planning team. While the total budget for financial aid cannot be exceeded in a given camp year, if aid requests are less than anticipated the camp organizing team may consense to roll the funds over to the following year. 

What’s new for 2024? Camp planners have allocated an additional $400 of aid specifically for youth 16-23, as well as an additional $700 with the intention of helping to grow the circle of camp attendees. These funds are designated for potential campers who have been challenged with right-livelihood or other forms of institutionalized discrimination affecting their ability to afford camp. Prospective campers interested in this specified aid, which could cover their entire camp tuition will be asked to communicate directly with Drift or Don C. If these targeted funds are not assigned the Financial Aid workgroup, in consultation with Finance w/g, may either roll the funds into the 2024 general financial aid budget or return to general VWC operating budget. 

Is there a set amount of aid given for each request? In the majority of cases - Yes. The Financial aid work group will not attempt to judge each camper’s need with the goal of awarding a unique amount of aid. Campers will typically receive an equal share of available funds determined by the total aid budget and the prospective number of requests. Amount will be determined at the beginning of the process, using past statistics for aid. This approach helps ensure we meet our mission to help as many campers as possible and eliminates the need for any camper to have to share highly sensitive/personal financial information with camp organizers. Some funds may be reserved until later in the process, for those registering in July and August. Campers applying for both financial aid and work exchange will first be considered for work exchange positions. For 2024, financial aid amounts are a range of $60, $85 or $110.  If work exchange is awarded and more aid is requested, additional aid will be capped at $50-70. In rare instances, the Financial aid work group has the authority to award a higher dollar amount of aid for anyone. 

How do campers apply for aid? 

Campers send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Information about financial aid, and for work exchange (including work exchange job descriptions) will be emailed to them. This will also be available on camp website. Any camper, ages 16 and up, including all organizing campers, may apply for financial aid and/or work exchange positions. Members of Financial Aid w/g will recuse themselves from decisions concerning their own, or any of their direct family member’s applications.  Path leaders are ineligible for work exchange jobs or financial aid. 

When will campers be notified that their request for aid/work exchange has been approved and the exact $ amount? As soon as possible. 

Within 3 weeks of when their applications are complete and submitted. Upon camper acceptance of aid and/or work exchange assignment this information will be updated, and shared with registrar and workgroup.