The first Vermont Witch Camp was organized by the coven Trillium in 1995. The members of Trillium (Evergreen, Cathy, Joanne, Raven, Ruah and Ruby) had attended a workshop given by Starhawk and came home ready to birth a new camp in the Green Mountains. Over an 18-month period, agreements were reached and the first camp came to be.

In the fall of 1998, an organizing cell made up of interested campers, took over the reins. In 1999, VWC was incorporated and has been organized by this cell with a changing cast of characters ever since.

The traditions established by Trillium remain a part of VWC’s organizing today: working by consensus, sharing responsibility for tasks, participating fully in camp by doing pathwork and following sound financial practices. We see our work as an act of joyful service to our community.

VWC is registered with the state of Vermont as a non-profit corporation. The Reclaiming Principles of Unity are filed in the state records (yes!). Our purpose is to produce one Reclaiming style witch camp per year for the purposes of education and in support of the belief that the earth is alive and all life is sacred and interconnected, and to produce other related events as the opportunity arises to further the purposes of the organization.