The Green Mountains are famous for unpredictable weather. It may be hot, sunny, rainy, cold, humid, wet or dry. Night time temperatures can be below freezing, even in August.
Come prepared.

We require a negative rapid covid test result, within no more than 24 hours prior to first camp day.

 Bring several rapid covid tests per person. We may ask that everyone test at several points during the week.  If you have symptoms or feel unwell, we require that you test while at camp.
Bring a few KN94 or 95 masks per person.
Our site is remote and not close to drugstores.
Directions will be emailed to all registered campers on August 10.  It is a good idea to download and print driving directions in advance. Cell service very spotty in the Green Mountains.



Sheets/blankets/sleeping bag
Sleeping pad/air mattress – mattresses are provided in cabins - but are thin
Tent, if you are tenting or think you may tent. Please note: no vehicles in the tenting field other than AWD cars or vans. If it is wet or very rainy, vehicles will get stuck here.

Mosquito Netting - some people bring netting for their individual bunks in cabins.



Clothes for warm and cold weather. Think layers. VT weather is changeable (90 degree days/32 degree nights)
Warm socks, hat, gloves
Good walking shoes (we really mean it – camp is hilly/paths are rocky and can be slippery)
Close-toed shoes (we really mean it, a must for required kitchen work shifts)
Sandals or flip-flops for showers
Rain gear; rain boots; umbrella or two! one to share!
Bathing suit – our waterfront is clothing optional


Bug dope  ESSENTIAL this year may be very buggy due to wet summer thru July  (unscented if possible)
Flashlight and lots of extra batteries (it is very dark at night)
Reusable water bottle – all water at any spigot on site is delicious/clean
Sunscreen and hat – much of our time is spent outdoors
Camp chair and/or small blanket to sit upon
Towels  (PRO tip - bring a sarong - easier to carry than a towel/dries faster)
Daypack or bag to carry stuff to Path or ritual  (PRO tip - there are small storage cubbies underneath dining hall - convenient place to store things - but not food/never food)
Cloth napkin or bandanna
Mug for coffee, tea, warm beverages
Safer sex supplies
Personal first aid supplies (aspirin/allergy meds, any prescription meds you may need, tweezers for tick checks, etc.)

Rope or clothesline for hanging clothes in cabins/or for drying things - and clothespins



Drums and other percussion instruments
Instruments for general playing and pleasure
Chant/song sheets



Clothing that lets you feel free and magical
Journal/writing implements
Art supplies
Divination tools
Photographs or mementos of those who have passed in past few years (for Beloved Dead ritual)
Small bottle of water from any source special to you for potential Waters of the World invocation (never drink the waters of the world!)

Bring a small DRY stick you are willing to burn in a ritual fire. You should charge it with energy from you home region. There will be downed sticks around F&W grounds.(**Please consider this option rather than bringing something from home. We like to reduce the risk of importing ash borers/hemlock ageldid/etc)




Food, if you have special dietary needs. There is a special kitchen refrigerator available for camper use or bring your own hard-sided cooler. Never leave food unprotected in cabins or tents – raccoons, squirrels and mice will get into your bags, containers, tents, etc.



NO animalsour site is a working farm. Pets, emotional support and service animals are not allowed, per our agreement with the host venue.
NO Alcohol, firearms, illegal drugs