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Greetings to this Beloved Community of Witches!

Camp planners are delighted to announce 2023 Vermont Witch Camp!


Camp Dates: Saturday, August 19th - Friday, August 25th

We are looking forward to, once again, being together in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Camp is now full.  

Join VWC 2023 Waitlist


Covid safety protocols are here.


For this camp, we are ALL ritualists.  All are invited to step fully into ritual - planning, shaping, crafting, priestexing.

Each camp day has time set aside for folx to gather and plan an evening/afternoon ritual, rite of passage, ceremony, and more.

Consider what you may bring to this community and come prepared to play, to collaborate, to dream big, to support.


 Your 2023 VWC Planners -

Beth, BrightFlame, Cyd, Don S., Meadowlark, Wendi


To learn more about the VWC community, please view our Community Guide

Contact VWC by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.