Work Exchange and Financial Aid for VWC 2019

2019 Vermont Witchcamp organizing campers are dedicated to greater economic justice. While the funds available to offset registration costs are not limitless, organizing campers are working to open VWC to all who would join our circle. If you, or someone you know, is interested in attending but are unable to meet the financial commitment, please consider contacting us. VWC has financial aid and work exchange packages available that are intended to make camp more financially accessible.  Organizing campers are deeply committed to you, and the people you know, who could become a part of the VWC community.  

You may reach us directly or have an advocate contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We provide some financial aid to all campers, 16 and up, who request it.

Financial aid may be combined with work exchange positions, with expectation that campers receiving aid will, at a minimum, be responsible for their share of F&W fees ($245).  In some circumstances,  amounts awarded may exceed that.

For camp 2019, organizing campers allocated an additional $500 of aid specifically for youth 16-23 and families, as well as an additional $500 with the intention of helping to grow the circle of camp attendees. These funds are designated for potential campers who have been challenged with right-livelihood or other forms of institutionalized discrimination affecting their ability to afford camp. 

Financial aid funds are based on money raised in the previous camp year through raffle, donations and vending tithe.

Campers applying for financial aid will typically receive an equal share of available funds determined by the total aid budget and the prospective number of requests. Amount is determined at beginning of the process, using past statistics for aid.  This approach helps ensure we meet our mission to help as many campers as possible and eliminates the need for any camper to have to share highly sensitive/personal financial information. Campers applying for both work exchange and financial aid will first be considered for work exchange positions.  If work exchange is awarded and more aid is requested, additional aid will be capped at $50-80. In rare instances, the financial aid work group has the authority to award a higher dollar amount of aid for anyone.

To apply for work exchange or financial aid, send request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The following work exchange jobs are an essential component of helping camp run smoothly and efficiently:

2019 Work Exchange Job Descriptions and Compensation

 Kitchen Coordinators: Six people (Open to 16+) oversee the coordination of bread workers in their kitchen work during each meal served at camp. This coordinating job involves training, explaining, and pitching in to help when needed, to bread workers what needs to be done in the kitchen before and after each meal they coordinate. Kitchen work is fast paced, intense, and physical. Coordinators work closely with the kitchen staff to figure out what needs to be done. There are 6 meal coordinators, 2 per meal. Shifts can be split between Coordinators if both are fully capable and comfortable in their respective roles, pursuant to the needs of specific meals and the advice of the Kitchen Priestess. Meal Coordinators look to the Kitchen Priestess for ongoing support, problem solving, and conflict resolution if needed. Coordinators will attend a training session on Sat before the first meal, and all coordinators will be present at Sat dinner to begin their hands on training by the Kitchen Priestess. Will also attend a check in meeting Tue or Wed, facilitated by the Kitchen Priestess.

Time involved: Every day between: 7am – 9am for Breakfast, 12-2pm, for Lunch, and 5:30-7:30pm for Dinner.

Compensation: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Coordinators: $175 per person


Evening Snack Coordinators: Two people (One person 18+, One person 16+) to put out late night snack for campers post evening Ritual, put away leftovers, and clean and secure the kitchen and lodge after post evening ritual snack. This is a good job for night Owls as it can mean staying up until 1 a.m. Coordinators will attend a training session on Sat before the first meal, and all coordinators will be present at Sat dinner to begin their hands on training by the Kitchen Priestess.

Work time involved: 1-2 hours per day after evening ritual.

Compensation: $100 per person, or $200 for 1 person.


Kitchen Priestess: One Person (Open to 18+) to oversee the Kitchen Coordinators, the Evening Snack Coordinators, and liaison with the F&W kitchen staff. Priestess job is to train and support the meal coordinators and ensure smooth communication between the kitchen and the meal coordinators. Priestess will be present at every meal to check in with coordinators and address any issues that may arise. Priestess will hold a training session during the day on Sat, and facilitate Sat dinner set up and clean up with all meal coordinators present. Priestess will be present at every meal on Sun to continue training the meal coordinators at their respective meals. Priestess will also hold a mid-week meeting with all coordinators to address any issues and provide feedback. Requires an experienced camper, with some kitchen experience, good communication skills, and an attention to detail.

Work time involved: 3-4 hours a day.

Compensation: $250


Shuttle Drivers: Four drivers (Open to 18+) would be responsible for taking people with mobility needs to and from their morning paths, evening rituals and some meals. This job requires sensitivity to the needs of the people you are driving, promptness, and creativity. Drivers work closely with the special needs coordinator. You do not need to use your own vehicle but if you have a high clearance vehicle and are willing to use it you will receive an additional $125 for the week.

Time involved: 2-2 ½ hours per day

Compensation: $225 per person


Special Needs Coordinator; One Person (Open to 18+) with great interpersonal skills works with campers, shuttle drivers, camp staff, and organizers to help meet the special needs some campers may have with mobility, housing or health. Coordinator will meet with all campers, who have stated they may need some special accommodations. during the day on Sat to ensure all requests are being addressed. May require communication prior to camp with those campers who have identified as having special needs/mobility issues. Creativity and sensitivity are crucial to this position. Must be an experienced camper familiar with F&W site.

Time involved: 2-3 hours per day

Compensation: $250


Post Camp Clean Up: Four People (Open to 15+) to oversee the cleaning and closing of camp. Post camp cleanup crew will design and post clean up job chart/schedule mid-week (Tue or Wed). Post camp will work directly with At-Camp Org group to develop a clear and effective schedule for the cleanup of camp and recruit and oversee teams of campers for specific clean up areas. Some of this planning work may occur before camp. Post camp will gather and distribute supplies to all cleanup crews and troubleshoot between the Orgs and F&W liaison to ensure that all areas of camp are cleaned. Will attend a meeting on Tue or Wed with organizing campers from At-Camp and F&W liaison to develop clean up details and implementation schedule.

Time Involved: Unknown

Compensation: $125 per person