Aurora has been following the path of the Goddess since she stumbled on a book called “Ich bin eine Hexe” (“I am a Witch”) by Gerlinde Schilcher in Austria 30 years ago. Her main focus in life is the study and teaching of music and being a mother to her three daughters. In Austria, she was blessed to have had some great mentors such as Lucia Francia, Gerlinde Schilcher, and Angelika Aliti to teach her a Goddess-nature based path. The Inanna and Aphrodite aspects of the Great Mother have been her constant companions. She loves working with people, engaging with dance, and co-creating magical experiences. Every year she spends hours in her herbal and flower garden.


Casendra first came to VWC with two toddlers 14 years ago and has been coming ever since. She has been an organizing camper, a Path leader and an RFT member serving with Starhawk. At home she is a fabric artist, dancer, ritual weaver, and mom (of aforementioned toddlers-turned-teens). She has hosted, priestessed, and co-created Wheel of the Year rituals for and with her community and coven for many years. An eclectic green witch at heart, her magical and spiritual experience and interests include Shamanism, herbal lore, Feri, Avalonian tradition, Greek and Celtic lore, sacred dance, art, and personal devotion to Hekate. She is also active in her local theatre community as a props and costume designer and performer. Her soul’s work is whimsically entangled with the art of make-believe. She lives with her husband, children, three cats and five chickens on a beautiful little island. An avid reader, storyteller, and tarot/oracle collector she is very excited to tell stories and weave magic with all of you beautiful witches!


Don is a long time VWC camper who resonates with the Feri side. His affinity for the elements, work in Reclaiming Core Courses, and love of the community have moved him to step into a deeper learning role with RFT. He looks forward to working magic with you in the wilds of



Ian (he/him/his) is a Witch living and working in the Boston, MA area, having done both solitary and coven-based practice. Bringing mirth and reverence to collaborative actions while striving for inclusivity sparks joy for me. Science and the Arts are my prime inspirations when co-creating magicks. I’m an active supporter of the Sunrise Movement, have been a VWC organizing and resource camper, and have taken care of the camp’s Ancestor Shrine for many years. The divinity within me beholds the divine in you.

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