Vermont Witchcamp

The Wheel of the Year:
Through the Seasons, Through Our Stories

Saturday, August 22 - Saturday, August 29, 2020

Vermont Witchcamp (VWC) 2020 will be a journey through The Wheel of the Year. We will delve into the magical energies of each season to explore our personal cycles, our collective yearnings, and our hopes for the greater world. How do the seasons affect our magic? Our emotions? Can we anticipate the fire of Summer when faced with the ice of Winter? Are we capable of surrender in Autumn and rebirth in the Spring? What myths embody these earthly energies?
What stories do our ancestors tell to mark the seasons?Traveling through the week, we will share inspiration and empowerment as we embrace one another and weave the magic that is Vermont Witchcamp 2020: The Wheel of the Year.

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