2019: Every day Sacred; Everyday Gifts

Weaving our gifts into the web of community, we deepen the Sacred in everyday life, connecting with ourselves, each other, and Gaia.


WELCOME to the 25th year of Vermont Witchcamp!

We gather once again under the sun and stars in the hills of Vermont at Farm and Wilderness. We come together for a week of creating community based on honoring the Earth and all creatures— including all of us. 

This year's theme is about recognizing the day to day moments of Sacred inspiration that enhance our lives with a sense of purpose, gratitude, and reverence. We will discover and reveal our Gifts to one another. We will reflect on how our Gifts nourish ourselves and connect us to each other. We will offer our deepest devotion and reverence unto Gaia for bestowing these Gifts upon us.

gaia sm

Bring your magical awareness into the everyday acts we do to take responsibility for our impact on the planet... Express your love of the Goddess with head and heart, but also with your hands.

Starhawk, Earth Activism: My Personal Journey, 2008. 


Important Information for VWC 2019


In 2019, an All Camp Circle will follow registration from 3:30–4:30 p.m. Saturday on the lawn in front of Ken’s Lodge. This circle will replace the usual first day all camp meeting. All Camp Circle will be the first chance to meet and greet one another and receive necessary information for the week. VWC strongly encourages all campers to attend this circle up, please be on time.


A longstanding tradition of Reclaiming is to honor and bless the Element of water. Reclaiming does this through a spell named Waters of the World. This spell involves bringing waters that have been collected from around the globe and commingling them. Waters of the World will be part of an all camp ritual during the week, so please bring a small amount (2-4 oz.) of water from where you live or from a water source that is meaningful to you. Also bring a jar to take a small amount of the combined waters home with you if desired.


For this year, each Path (leaders and participants) will plan and facilitate one all-camp ritual during the week. This work will be supported by the newly imagined Ritual Flow Team (RFT). The renewed role for the RFT will be to provide support and guidance to Paths as they plan and realize their rituals. The RFT will also assist to maintain the continuity of the week’s magical arc. 

Organizing campers, Path Leaders, and RFT are committed to supporting the camp community on this week long voyage. We open to Mystery and commit wholeheartedly to supporting one another through this process of co-created magic making.

Arrival Information - VWC 2019

Camp begins at noon on Saturday, August 17. Registration is from 12–3 p.m. at Ken’s Lodge. First year campers are encouraged to arrive as close to noon as possible. When you first arrive, you will be greeted on the road and welcomed into the circle. You may choose to go to registration or to get your sleeping arrangements settled, but please come to Ken's Lodge before 2 p.m. Volunteers may be available to assist new campers with finding a cabin between 12–2 p.m. During registration, you will be provided important materials including a copy of the weeks event grid. You will also be able to meet Path leaders, the Ritual Flow Team, learn about Breadwork, work exchange (if you have been assigned), and a whole lot more. 

All Camp Circle Up will follow registration from 3:30–4:30 p.m. on the lawn outside of Ken’s Lodge, weather permitting. Work exchange meetings will follow Circle Up. Dinner is our first meal together at 6:30 p.m., so bring snacks or a packed lunch for the afternoon. 


2019 Paths & Leaders Informational PDF    2019 Ritual Flow Team Informational doc

    In an instant, inspiration strikes,
        Sparks rush forth in celestial wonder:
        Ink meets paper. Hand meets drum. Feet meet soil.
        Words act in concert with melody, inspiring soles to dance upon the Earth,
        Healing rhythms beat in time with the heart of Gaia.

heart leaf


 Registered campers were sent an informational mailing, with directions to Camp, what to bring,what to expect, and more - if you have not yet received one, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organizing campers will be at camp starting Friday, August 16 - with limited access to email and no cell service.  From August 16 through August 24 - To reach any organizing camper, path teacher or ritual flow team member call this number and leave a message  (802) 422-3446.