2019 Theme: Every day Sacred; Everyday Gifts

Weaving our gifts into the web of community,
we deepen the Sacred in everyday life, connecting with ourselves, each other, and Gaia.

Can everyday tasks be Sacred? Can sharing our Gifts be an act of service? This year's camp theme is about recognizing the day to day moments of Sacred inspiration that enhance our lives with a sense of purpose, gratitude, and reverence.  At VWC 2019, we will reflect on using our Gifts to nourish ourselves, connect to each other, and bring devotion unto Gaia.

In 2019, the roles of Path Leaders, Campers, and RFT will shift. For this year, each Path (leaders and participants) will plan and facilitate one all-camp ritual during the week. This work will be supported by the newly imagined Ritual Flow Team (RFT). The renewed role for the RFT will be to provide support and guidance to Paths as they plan and realize their rituals. The RFT will also assist to maintain the continuity of the week’s magical arc. 

Organizing campers are aware that this is a big change and we are committed to supporting the camp community on this experimental voyage. We ask the community to open to Mystery and to wholeheartedly supporting one another through this process of co-created magic making.

    In an instant, inspiration strikes,
        Sparks rush forth in celestial wonder:
        Ink meets paper. Hand meets drum. Feet meet soil.
        Words act in concert with melody, inspiring soles to dance upon the Earth,
        Healing rhythms beat in time with the heart of Gaia.

Call for Path Proposals

Have you always wanted to teach the sacred art of cooking? Medicine making. Wild crafts. Dance, music, or song? Perhaps you are a woodcarver and have grown a spiritual practice around this work. It could be your skills lie in prayer-writing, teen magic, communication skills, the arts of young children, gardening, Rites of Passage, Priestessing, storytelling. Maybe you’re inspired to teach our beloved cornerstone curriculum: Elements of Magic; perhaps this time with your own twist..?

VWC is actively looking for Path leaders to share their expressions of inspiration. This year's theme holds the space for many ideas, if you have one, apply to lead a Path at VWC 2019.

Please contact for questions and for application This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Call for Ritual Flow Team (RFT)

If you have experience in the Reclaiming Witchcraft tradition of ritual design, leadership, collaboration, and consensus, being part of the 2019 Ritual Flow Team (RFT) could be an exciting opportunity to let your gifts shine. Compassionate communication, dedicated community service, and ego-less humility are an absolute must. Theatrical, musical, or improvisational skills also welcome. If you are excited about experimentation and co-created ritual, apply to become a member of the RFT for VWC 2019.

Please contact for questions and for application This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.