What to bring to camp

Over the years of being at Witch Camp, suggestions of what to bring have evolved into the list below. It is not an exhaustive list! An excellent starting point though.

  • Sheets / Blankets/ Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping pad /air mattress – mattresses are provided for cabins
  • Clothes for warm and cold weather -VT weather is changeable...(90+F days and 35F nights!)
  • Warm socks, hat, gloves
  • Good walking shoes (we really mean it - camp is hilly and paths are rocky!)
  • Close-toed shoes (we really mean it - a must for your required kitchen work shifts)
  • Sandals or thongs for showers
  • Rain gear
  • Bug dope – scentless please
  • Flashlight and lots of extra batteries
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen and hat - much of our time is spent outdoors
  • Camp chair or small blanket to sit upon
  • Daypack or bag to carry stuff to Path or ritual
  • Personal first aid supplies (bandaids, Tylenol/aspirin/allergy medicine, etc)
  • Cloth napkin
  • Mug for coffee and tea
  • Drums, other percussion instruments
  • Other instruments for general playing and pleasure
  • Chant/song sheets
  • Journal
  • Art supplies
  • Clothing that lets you feel free and magical (velvet, jeans, dancing shoes or hiking boots: dress up or dress down!)
  • Small bottle of water from any source special to you for the Waters of the World

Other Optional Items

Special dietary needs and/or snacks. There is a kitchen refrigerator available for camper use, or bring your own hard-sided cooler. Do not leave food unprotected in cabins or tents: raccoons, squirrels, mice and other animals will get into containers.

We raise money for our camp scholarship fund while at camp. We are seeking very special donated items to be RAFFLED or AUCTIONED off at camp. If you have an item too unique or costly to go *just* anywhere, bring it to camp for our fabulous fundraising efforts!

What NOT to Bring

USE OF ELECTRONICS: In order to focus on our spiritual work at camp and to minimize the static from our daily lives so that we may better open to the delicate whisperings of Divinity, we ask campers of all ages not to bring or use electronic devices that serve to connect campers to the internet and the distractions of the outside world.  These devices might include laptops, movie players, ipads, blackberries, etc.

We respectfully request that anyone with work obligations or other pressing issues from the outside world use the local library or other internet access away from the activities and life of Witchcamp.

Parents might wish to discuss this issue and its intention with their children before coming to camp so all ages of camp can work together to create the container that is Witchcamp. Electronic devices may, of course, be used for camp administration and for optional offerings and special programs that contribute to the camp's work and goals.